MP Bhulekh-Land Record (मध्यप्रदेश भूलेख भू नक्शा)


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Get details of your Land Records / Bhulekh / Khasra in MP ( Madhya Pradesh )

Fastest and easy way to get details of your Land Records / Bhulekh / Khasra in in Madhya Pradesh. Using this app you can view and save the land records .

MP Bhulekh - Land Record  ( is a digital portal for land records launched by the Revenue Council of Government of Madhya Pradesh. Before the introduction of Bhulekh MP, all the task related to the record of land such as Khatauni system, Jamabandi, etc. were done recording manually on papers. But now UP Government has computerized all the land record activities in the state. This helps in keeping the account/ record of a land. It includes all the description of a land, its owner and other information in detail. It has been implemented in all the districts of the state.

Khasras - traditionally detail "all the fields and their areas, measurement, who owns and what cultivators the employs, what crops, what sort of soil, what trees are on the land.".

Khatauni - is an account book

How to use 'MP Bhulekh-Land Record (मध्यप्रदेश भूलेख भू नक्शा)' app?

1.Select the district/जिला चुने

2.Select tehsil/तहसील चुने

3.Select village/ग्राम चुने

4.Enter credentials - You can search by entering the Gata No./ measles or by account No. or by the name of the account holder.

आप नाम , खसरा , खतौनी में से किसी एक विकल्प को चुन सकते हैं !

5.Check the account details

6.Save the details

Benifits of 'MP Bhulekh-Land Record (मध्यप्रदेश भूलेख भू नक्शा)' app?

* This app uses fastest method to derive bhulekh details.

* View and save the land records

* View Khasra and khatauni

* Save the land records in image format

* Share the land record using various sharing app


* This APP is NOT associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by UP Bhulekh ( ).

* You can view the land records only if it is registered with the UP Bhulekh digital portal

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