Gun Gang

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Developer:Rollic Games

About this App

Gun Gang – this is a fun arcade action game with spectacular shootouts. You will find a massive brawl with bloody thugs who are hiding in their headquarters. It is necessary to take them by storm, collecting as many fighters as possible. Think carefully about your plan of action and gain enough strength, as the outcome of the final battle depends on it!

The mechanics of the game is that at the beginning you have only one armed soldier, with him you will go on a mission. On your way you will meet many obstacles in the form of walls, containers and many different items. Your companions are on special platforms that need to be destroyed so that they can go with you. However, be careful, if you do not have time to destroy the barrier and collide, you will lose some of your companions, and risk coming to the opponents alone.

At the end of the level, you are attacked by a whole crowd of enemies armed with swords and knives. If there are enough of you, they won’t even be able to get close to you. Fighters shoot and move automatically, you just need to choose the direction. Over time, you can upgrade the characteristics of your heroes, increasing the damage done and the frequency of shots. Also, there are many skins that significantly diversify the process!

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