World Baseball Stars

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Developer:FourThirtyThree Inc.

About this App

World BaseBall Stars – become the next baseball star by competing in Championships and leagues with players like you. Get the best experience of one of the most beloved sports in the world by making a home run or losing a match and coming back with nothing. The game rules are completely easy to understand, you will easily learn the main points, getting to know this amazing sport that is suitable for beginners or pros. Winning here is not always based on luck, but accuracy and timely actions are also important, then you will be able to win the match. Make sure that you have prepared effective tactics and correctly selected team members. In total, you can unlock and collect more than fifty players, each with their own life story, talents and unique qualities. Enjoy collecting athletes as if they were traditional baseball cards. In World BaseBall Stars, you will be able to challenge your friends or random players from different countries, so fight for the first places in local and global leagues, becoming an unsurpassed master in baseball.

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