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Smash Racing – an endless race in which you have to demonstrate all the agility and skills of extreme driving, in an attempt to escape from the chase. You have stolen money and now you are being chased by an infinite number of police cars, use various bonuses and privileges that will be available at each level to prevent the cops from catching you. The whole point of the game is to rush through the streets of the city and dodge collisions with cars, as well as not to crash into obstacles. Such obstacles as lampposts, benches and bushes, you can easily destroy, but when you collide with trees, other cars and houses, your car will immediately explode and you will fail the level.

During maneuvers, you will have the opportunity to pick up various bonuses, including “armor”, “reduction” or vice versa “increase” of your car, which will contribute to increasing the impact resistance of the car. The game will feature various mini-tasks: hold out for longer than 35 seconds, score three goals or destroy 20 enemies, and others. After completing them, you will be able to unlock additional vehicles and locations. Perform dangerous maneuvers, avoid collisions, complete tasks and unlock all types of vehicles, from a sedan with a van to a loader, truck, limousine or ice cream van! Unlock all the locations and prove to the cops that they can’t catch up with you!

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