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About this App

Match Hit – this is an interesting game that combines elements of a fighting game and “three in a row” puzzles. Take part in epic battles and solve colorful puzzles that will help you deal damage to your enemies. Connect different types of food in chains, clear the playing field from them and get a huge boost of energy!

Your hero is an ardent fan of various junk food and fast food-from donuts and hot dogs to soda. And contrary to all common sense, with the help of them, it only becomes bigger and more powerful, so your main weapon will be various goodies. Move around the playing field until you meet another enemy ready to attack you. Collect food in chains of three pieces that will fill you with the power to make an attack.

New locations, enemies, and challenges await you at each level. Clear the playing field from enemies with the help of puzzles and open access to new adventures. Get cash rewards for winning and unlock new heroes. Increase different parameters of your character in the form of health and impact strength. In addition to the usual battles, you are also waiting for dynamic Boss battles, to win over which you will need to make all your efforts.

Features of the game:

  • Lots of interesting levels;
  • Enemies in the form of street fighters, mafiosi and pirates;
  • Various types of skins;
  • Fascinating puzzles;
  • Epic battles with enemies.

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