#DRIVE is a 3D driving game where you get behind the wheels of a zany car and hold on tight to try to make it as far as you possibly can. Your only objective is to drive non-stop forwards towards infinity, dodging all the obstacles that pop up along the way, and filling up on gas whenever the need arises.

Control systems in #DRIVE are very simple. Your car is set to speed down the highway non-stop. All you have to do is tap on either side of your screen in order to steer in one direction or the other. That's also how you'll maneuver to grab power-ups and wheel around other cars. You'll also want to pay extra attention to road signs along the way in order to find upcoming gas stations.

When you start playing #DRIVE, you'll only get a single car for you to drive, but as you pick up more and more badges, you'll unlock new cars to drive. There's over a dozen classic cars for you to choose from, as well as trucks, police cars, and other vehicles. You can also opt to customize them by switching up the color of your car.

#DRIVE is an outstanding driving game. Not only does it stand out from the crow due to its amazing graphics, but it also because of its well-adapted control system. Plus, the game was made with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor including a couple of easter eggs like silly commentary that pops up anytime something remotely related occurs.

RELEASED: 1 Jan 2022

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