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Transfer almost any type of file between an iOS device and an Android terminal with MobileTrans. With a simple interface, the file transfer process is complete after following a few simple steps.

One of MobileTrans' main selling points is that you can transfer your files in one of two different methods. First, you can use a wireless connection to exchange iCloud content to an Android device. Share contacts, events, reminders, photos or videos in just a few seconds.

On the other hand, you can also transfer files using an OTG cable. This is the most effective option if you don't have a good wireless connection between both devices. If you opt for this method, make sure that both devices have enough battery to avoid unexpected cuts. It should be noted that MobileTrans is capable of transferring more than a dozen different files like pictures, videos, contacts, calendars, voice messages or music.

MobileTrans is an excellent resource for sharing content between iOS and Android devices. The fact that this tool can analyze each file's format allows for high-speed transfers. You can even view the total size of each process and the percentage completed in real-time.

RELEASED: 21 Jan 2022
IN-APP PURCHASE: ₹260.00 – ₹2,600.00 per item

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