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Mr Bullet is a puzzle game that challenges you to shoot down all the targets in every level, whether they're ninjas, zombies, or secret agents. Sometimes you can directly shoot your targets, but you'll normally need to make your bullets ricochet to hit all the bad guys.

The gameplay in Mr Bullet is simple. Shoot by tapping on the screen and lightly swiping your finger. This action shows you the trajectory of the bullet once you lift your finger. Keep in mind that you've got a limited number of bullets for every level, and the fewer you use the higher your score will be. For example, if you want to get all three stars in each level, you've got to use just one bullet to take down all your targets.

Mr Bullet includes several hundred levels divided over more than a dozen different chapters. In every chapter, you have to fight against different enemies and challenges. In the beginning, there are only a few variables that you need to keep in mind, but things get more complicated as you advance and you'll need to leverage the game's physics in your favor.

Mr Bullet is a fun 2D puzzle game that includes an enormous number of one-player levels as well as an entertaining PVP mode where you can play against other online players.

RELEASED: 2 Jan 2022

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