A virtual mobile number service that cares about your privacy.

Outsmart spammers, fraudulent callers, and even stalkers with a Doosra - A virtual number that does not require an additional SIM card. You can share it freely with anyone without the fear of annoying calls or compromising your personal data.

How does it work?

Doosra is a 10-digit virtual number that you can acquire through the App without changing your existing SIM card. All calls made to this number are filtered and only those numbers you choose will come through. You can share it with retailers, apps, websites, and just about anywhere to avail offers and benefits without the fear of them spamming you. It’s time to take control of your privacy and press pause on spammers with Doosra.

Doosra Essential:

Smart Call-Filter: Blocks all calls by default and directs callers to voicemail. Calls from numbers/ contacts you choose are the only ones allowed to go through.

Calls & Messages Log: View all blocked and received calls, as well as messages received in-app. OTPs and other time-sensitive messages are sent as push notifications.

Trusted Contacts: Add a certain number of contacts to the in-app contact book. These are your trusted contacts. Calls from these numbers go through instantly. All others are auto-blocked.

Pause Call-Filter: In case of a one-time call, like from a delivery executive, the smart call-filter will allow you to pause call blocking for 60 minutes, or around a certain location.

Secure Call-Back: There’s a number on the Doosra app that you'd like to call back? You can call back through our secure network without revealing your personal number.

Doosra PRO:

All the features of Doosra Essential.

Multi-User Login: Access your Doosra account from up to five devices.

Call-blocker Control: Turn off the call blocker indefinitely.

Access Messaging Apps: Support when using a Doosra number to sign for apps like Telegram and Whatsapp.

Unlimited Trusted Contacts: Add as many contacts as you would like to your trusted contacts list.

It’s time to join a new breed of cool cats who are sharing their phone number fearlessly while keeping all things personal, personal. Get your Doosra number today!

RELEASED: 17 Mar 2022

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