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About this App
सीखें mobile से जुड़ी हज़ारों useful tips and tricks, ऑनलाइन earning करने के तरीके

Seekho app is a discovery based platform (in Hindi for now) where you get access to really interesting tips and tricks related to DIY, Beauty Tips, Health Tips, Maths Tricks, interview tips, mobile tricks, reasoning tricks and so much more.
On the Seekho app, you get a chance to learn from verified Seekho Guru’s who deliver content on all the necessary and trending topics. Follow your favourite influencers to keep updated with their content.
Acquire new skills from countless high-quality videos, specifically of your interest.
Dance, Art & Craft Fitness, Food, English Speaking DIY, Soft skills,  Video, and everything in between. Discover videos from endless categories.
Discover amazing mobile tricks, WhatsApp tricks,  new websites,  social media hacks, learn how you can grow on social media, what not at one place. Discover the latest tech news & gadget reviews, compare specifications of smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and many other technology gadgets in our technology category.
Find interesting mobile and computer tricks that can also help you become a technology pro. 
Through the Seekho app, you can stay fit from our fitness category Workout exercises, push-ups, leg workout, yoga asanas without needing any gym membership. From our fitness category provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscles and keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym.
From our Fashion and Beauty category discover the best daily beauty tips, DIY face masks, hair masks at home. Find various ways you can take care of your skin, hair,  face masks DIYs, makeup tutorials.  Explore a whole new skincare experience with our Fashion & Beauty category, Beauty & Makeup Tips, Beauty & Makeup Hacks and the best Beauty advice.
Explore our English speaking category to enhance their communication skills on the Seekho app through daily idioms, daily use sentences, and daily words. Learn and practice English, acquire skills like Spoken English, English communication skills, Grammar rules, Pronunciation skills and everything related to English all at one place.
Have fun and learn new knowledge from countless high-quality original video content! Discover and share a bigger world now!
Learn something new everyday from more than 6000 videos and 10+ categories, and upskill yourself with Seekho everyday.
Trending categories
Mobile Tricks
English Speaking
Soft Skills
Online Business
Maths Tricks
One does not need a degree to be a Seekho Guru; the intent to impart knowledge and share knowledge is enough. Let nothing stop you from becoming a Seekho Guru. 
Daily micro-learning and knowledge- sharing is just a click away. Download the app today.

Released on01 Jun 2022    

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