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About this App

Make real money daily by doing easy tasks with quick earn reward in your wallet

If you are someone who is looking for a fun and easy way to earn instant real money then Chillar Money Making App is the platform for you. In the Chillar App, you can earn money by completing easy and high paying tasks daily. This is an amazing way to earn real money online. Complete interesting and easy tasks on Chillar and earn more money that will be added to your wallet instantly. Whether you are looking for ways to earn quick money or just want to have fun while making money, this online money earning app is the best and the quickest way to earn money. 

How to use Chillar App : 
Install the Chillar money earning app and signup. Explore the fun features of Chillar.
1. Complete many high paying offers daily and earn more money.
2. Earn free money by just visiting the Chillar money earning app daily. 
3. Spin & Win - Spin the wheel of luck and earn extra money. 
4. Earn more money by referring Chillar App to your friends. 
5. Convert Chillar coins into real money! You can transfer money instantly to your UPI and Paytm Wallet. 
We offer entertainment too! When bored, you can even earn quick moneys for free on Chillar.

Simple ways to earn instant cash on the Chillar money earning app : 
1. Complete the high paying simple tasks in the app and earn instant free money. You can earn up to 600 Chillars by completing 1 easy offer.
2. They are always new and latest offers on Chillar money making app. So don’t miss out on them and check the app daily to keep earning more money.
3. You can even earn an extra money bonus by referring Chillar online money earning app to your friends. You earn 10% of what your friends earn after they complete their first 3 offers.
You can win real cash from our free money earning app.

A Small Reminder : 
1. Read all the offer terms and allow relevant permissions to use the app. And continue earning real cash on the best money making app.
2. Some offers will be verified instantly, but some offers may take some time to verify. So kindly wait until it is verified. It will be verified soon and you will receive your money.
3. For the highest paying offers, you might need to complete KYC. 


1. How can you transfer your reward money from the app to your bank account?
      You can transfer money to your Paytm Wallet or to your bank account using UPI Id.

2. What is Daily Checkin? How to collect it?
      ‘Daily Checkin’ is a reward system for the user who uses our app on a daily basis. It is a streak based reward money that increases with continuation of the streak. You can claim it from the home screen by clicking on the Gift icon and claim your cash daily.

3. How much time will it take to transfer money to my Bank account?
       The money transfer usually happens instantly after you request to withdraw money. However very rarely it might take a bit more than expected. 

You can consider Chillar money earning app as a part time money making source. We are one of those apps that pay instant real money. Not just that, Chillar is considered the best money earning app as it is a free money making platform and you need not pay any registration fee.
We are one of the best online free money earning apps and we want you to experience the best.

Time to get into the pool of money and start earning more money daily with our best money making app and earn money free of cost.

Have a good time earning money.
DeveloperChillar App 
Released on29 Apr 2022    

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