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About this App

Simulation application - fake call and professional messages.

The application simulates a fake caller to free you from the awkwardness, such as a drunken drink, a light conversation, ...

The application simulates a time-based fake message sender that you customize, not only for the inbox, but also the inbox, draft box, and error mailbox, which helps you simulate messages for resolution. escape in awkward cases.

The application is simulated so it does not charge any fees, it's free.

- The application name will be changed to "Call Assistant" to avoid detection.
- Simulation - fake calls (Incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls):
       + Simulate screen call for multiple phone lines: SamSung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, ...
           and will be updated continuously according to user requirements.
       + Customize fake caller information: name, phone number, picture, ringtone,
       + Choose fake caller information from your contacts.
       + Choose available personality / fake caller characters: GirlFriend, BoyFriend, Piza, ...
       + Record audio or select an audio clip available to fake fake callers
          listen to the phone.
       + Schedule a fake call at a specific time.
       + Customize vibration mode, ringing and talk time for fake calls.
- Simulation - fake messages (Inbox, go, drafts, errors, ...):
       + Customize information for fake messages: Name, phone number, message content
       + Choose fake message information from your contacts.
       + Select the mailbox folder to be tampered with: Inbox, sent, error, draft, go, ...
       + Customize the time for fake messages.
DeveloperHoang Duc Lam 
Released on28 Jul 2023    

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