Santa: Earn While You Browse!

Santa: Earn While You Browse!




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About this App

Unleash the power of web3! Earn rewards & discover a new decentralized internet.

Introducing Santa Browser, which offers unparalleled speed, stringent privacy & (coming soon) rewarding experiences. Get on board with our Android Alpha & redefine your digital journey.

Key Features:
1. Fast and Efficient: Santa Browser delivers lightning-fast browsing, streamlined for Android devices.

2. Privacy-Focused: Your privacy is our priority. Santa's in-built ad & tracker blockers ensure your online activity remains your business alone.

3. Wallet & Decentralized Identity Management (Coming soon): We'll be introducing a robust, blockchain-based solution for profile management. Coupled with our wallet feature, which will enable seamless & secure management of digital assets & identities.

Our Mission:
The contemporary Internet is a breeding ground for privacy invasion, a space where user time and attention are exploited.

We’re here to change that.

At Santa, we aim to reimagine the Internet & we're starting by restructuring its ad mechanisms. Through decentralized protocols and blockchain technologies, we put you, the user, in the driver's seat of your data and privacy.

We envision an Internet that respects, protects & rewards user attention. Santa Rewards (coming soon) will enable users to earn for their online engagements while maintaining robust privacy control.

Join Our Journey:
Be part of this Internet transformation. Help us in refining Santa Browser by sharing your valuable feedback.

Let’s reimagine the internet together!
Get started with our Open Alpha today.

Stay Connected:
Stay updated on our progress. Follow us on:


Download Santa Browser - fast, private & rewarding.

DeveloperSanta Browser 
Released on 10 Aug 2023   

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