Protectors: Shooter Legends

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Developer:Vasily Fomin

About this App

Protectors: Shooter Legends – this is a dynamic shooter with epic battles and various third-person game modes. Dozens of powerful heroes, 4-4 battles with players from all over the world, interesting storylines and exciting adventures are waiting for you!

Welcome to the bright future! Scientific progress has reached a new level and reached unprecedented heights, leaving hunger, war, poverty and other problems of humanity in the 21st century. And modern medicine has been able to increase people’s life expectancy, while improving its quality. Scientists have discovered on Earth a source of energy of incredible power that can affect space and time itself. However, only those people who have a special gift and are able to synchronize with it using special equipment can use the energy. At this important moment of scientific progress for humanity, The earth is attacked by an unknown race that can imitate the appearance and abilities of people. Now you have to join the ranks of the Defenders and protect your planet from alien enemies.

Choose from a wide variety of characters that have unique weapons and a set of specific characteristics. Participate in PvP and PvE battles and defeat alien invaders who want to get the energy of the Earth. Upgrade your characters and unlock new ones. Enjoy exciting battles, stunning graphics, and a colorful universe!

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