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Income, Expenses & Bank Balances For All Banks | Buy Now Pay Later at Top Brands

Payments are now smarter with Walnut 369. Shop at your favourite brand’s app or website and checkout with Walnut 369 to Buy Now and Pay Later as per your convenience. Split your payments into 3, 6, 9 instalments or Pay in full next month.

Buy Now Pay Later at top brands | 100% Digital Process, NO Paperwork | Approval in <1 min | Instant, seamless payment experience

Walnut is the best money manager & daily expense tracker to automatically and securely track your monthly spends. Stay within budget, pay bills on time and SAVE more every month. Find out how much you spend on food, shopping, groceries, etc. and how you are saving month on month.


✅ Take control of your MONEY and SAVE more - Answer the key questions of 'What', 'How Much' & 'Where' of your spends
✅ Shop at the top brands and use Walnut 369 to Buy Now and Pay Later
✅ Keep a close track of credit card dues - no more surprises at the end of the billing cycle!
✅ SPLIT expenses with friends - The simplest bill split experience!
✅ All expenses at a GLANCE - Banks Accounts, Credit Cards, Digital Wallets, Sodexo etc.
✅ EXPORT your data and generate expense reports (in PDF & CSV format)
✅ 50+ Indian banks and cards supported


✅ Keep track of train, cab, movie, event bookings and more
✅ Make your own custom categories to track expenses and quickly add cash spent too
✅ Add notes, tags and bill/receipt photos to transactions
✅ Easily search for expenses, tags or notes
✅ Lookup information on places you visit and share with friends and social networks
✅ Walnut does not read your personal SMSs or upload any sensitive data, see http://www.getwalnut.com/faq for more details
✅ Report your bank, card or any interesting messages right from within the app! We will quickly add support for these

Walnut Instant Personal Loans = No More Shortage of Funds

Eligible users get offered personal loans via Walnut Prime - an instant line of credit for your shopping, travel, emergencies, bills or any other purpose.

Walnut Prime is Powered by Capital Float: An RBI-regulated NBFC that is a Founding Member of the Digital Lenders Association of India (DLAI)

DLAI's Code of Conduct can be found here -

Affordable EMIs

Interest rates for personal loans start from as low as 15% and go up to 35% per annum for personal loans ranging from 12 to 36 months tenure. A processing fee of 2% is also applicable on each disbursal.

For example, if you take a loan of Rs. 1 Lakh at an annual interest rate of 15% for a tenure of 24 months, your EMI will be around Rs. 4,947 and the processing fee would be Rs. 2,000.

How does Walnut work? Simple, the app analyses your SMS inbox on phone and detects important information like your spends, bills and even your travel bookings.

Why Walnut needs the following permissions:

Explanation: Required for the Google Maps functionality to show the Active ATMs on a Map

Explanation: This is at the core of an automated expense manager, it automatically figures out the expenses from Bank transaction SMSs

Explanation: Required for auto-categorisation of your spends and to show you your spends & ATM location map

* READ_CONTACTS (Optional for Android O and above)
Explanation: Required before Android O to fetch your email to login into app.
Optionally, you can grant this permission if you use bill splits and payments feature.

Walnut's categorisation of spends works on the location of the device when you receive the Transaction SMS and the POS information present in the SMS, for which Walnut needs
Access to location all of the time. Walnut accesses location in the background only when you receive a transactional SMS.

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RELEASED: 4 Apr 2022

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