Satbara ( 7/12 ) Utara Maharashtra - सातबारा उतारा


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Fastest way to get satbara ( 7/12 ) utara / bhulekh of Maharashtra ( Mahabhumi )

Fastest and easy way to get information of satbara ( 7/12 ) utara / bhumi abhilekh from mahabhulekh of Maharashtra. Using 7/12 app land users can get survey number of the land, Land owner name, the area of the land, the type of cultivation (irrigated / rain fed).

7/12 & 8A Utara records are maintained by revenue department of the governments of Maharashtra. The official website is

The Utara (bhumi abhilekh from mahabhulekh) gives information of the survey number of the land, Land owner name, the area of the land, the type of cultivation (irrigated / rain fed). It also records loans extended to the land owner given by government agencies, including the purpose - such as loans or subsidies for buying seeds, pesticides or fertilisers, for which the loan was given etc.

How to use 7/12 satbara utara (७ /१२ -सातबारा उतारा) app?

• Find your 7/12 Utara Maharashtra with help of survey number / GAT number, first name, middle name or last name./ ७/१२ उतारा शोधा सर्वे नंबर / गट नंबर, पहिले नाव, मधील नाव, आडनावाद्वारे शोधणे

• Find your 8A Utara Maharashtra with help of account number, first name, middle name or last name./८अ उतारा शोधा खाते नंबर, पहिले नाव, मधील नाव, आडनावाद्वारे शोधणे

• Save Satbara & 8A Utara in pdf format in your app./  ७/१२ उतारा व ८अ उतारा PDF स्वरुपात  Save करा

• Share your 7/12 & 8A Utara via App on WhatsApp, Message./तुमचा सातबारा उतारा / ८अ उतारा App मधून Direct Share करा

Benifits of ' 7/12 satbara utara(७ /१२ -सातबारा  उतारा) ' app?

* This app uses fastest method to derive land record details.

* View and save the land records

* Save the land records in image format

* Share the land record using various sharing app

Using  7/12 satbara utara App you can get Satara of following district:
1) Satbara of Ahmednagar
2) Satbara of Akola
3) Satbara of Amravati
4) Satbara of Aurangabad
5) Satbara of Beed
6) Satbara of Bhandara
7) Satbara of Buldhana
8) Satbara of Chandrapur
9) Satbara of Dhule
10) Satbara of Gadchiroli
11) Satbara of Gondia
12) Satbara of Hingoli
13) Satbara of Jalgaon
14) Satbara of Jalna
15) Satbara of Kolhapur
16) Satbara of Latur
17) Satbara of Mumbai City
18) Satbara of Mumbai Suburban
19) Satbara of Nagpur
20) Satbara of Nanded
21) Satbara of Nandurbar
22) Satbara of Nashik
23) Satbara of Osmanabad
24) Satbara of Palghar
25) Satbara of Parbhani
26) Satbara of Pune
27) Satbara of Raigad
28) Satbara of Ratnagiri
29) Satbara of Sangli
30) Satbara of Satara
31) Satbara of Sindhudurg
32) Satbara of Solapur
33) Satbara of Thane
34) Satbara of Wardha
35) Satbara of Washim
36) Satbara of Yavatmal


You can view the land records only if it is registered with the Maharashtra Government official digital portal This app is not sponsored or approved by Mahabhulekh. This app is for personal use only.

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