Firestrike Tactics

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Developer:Lion Studios
CATEGORY : Strategy

Cache/OBB 385 MB

About this App

Firestrike Tactics – an epic sci-fi military strategy game where you join the rebel forces that fight the tyranny of AI. The galaxy is shrouded in endless war and only a team of heroes, supported by their numerous military equipment and equipment, can resist a computer with artificial intelligence, which has decided to get rid of humanity as a species. Here you will have a real-time battle in which your task is to capture the Central computer, getting to the heart of the AI and disable it or destroy it. Start equipping your base, improving the defense and opening new defensive structures, hangars for vehicles and combat drones, as well as powerful weapons.

Constantly capture new lands, displacing enemies, as resources need to be extracted constantly and they tend to run out. You can fight as a computer opponent, which is common to all real players, and against each other, joining a Legion or creating your own. Destroy the enemy and capture their rich lands, sending up to 30 units into battle that will fight for you and constantly improve factories to create more powerful weapons and types of equipment. Firestrike Tactics is an open game world where you decide who to attack, a lot of captains, each with their own weapons and buffs, powerful skills and much more are waiting for every fan of mobile games in this strategy game.

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