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About this App

Prank friends with fake search results & wikipedia maker; Create fake news/tweet

Want to create fake search results for memes or to prank friends? No worries - you are at the right place.

Presenting BrowseMe - fake browser & fake search engine for prank. 

Are you a content creator and you are struggling to find an app for a fake browser (fake web browser) or an app that mimics a fake search engine? If yes, then your search is over. Use BrowseMe - fake search engine & fake browser with best in class search page editor to create almost real but fake search results. This is the perfect fake browser app to create memes with fake search results with great resemblance with actual search results.

Even if you are not a content creator and just want to try a fun app as you are bored, you want to prank friends and spread laugh with them, you can use browseme

With this fake search engine/fake browser/fake web browser, you can create all types of fake search results like:
** fake Wikipedia
** fake tweet
** fake news
** funny browser & funny tweets
** fake video search results
** fake image search result
** fake top stories/ fake news
** fake trending searches
** fake autocomplete suggestions

If you are looking for fun apps for when you ae bored then this is one of the best funny editing apps. Use this funny browser (fake browser app) to create funny search results, funny tweets, and perform fake search to see funny results. 

BrowseMe is one of the best prank apps free of cost. You can use it to prank your friends, mom, dad, scary teacher or whoever you want and spread laugh with them

You can prank your friends with one of the best funny editing apps by using it as: 
** fake website maker prank
** fake search results
** fake browser app
** fake web browser
** fake search engine
** fake browser
** funny browser
** funny tweets
** fake web browser
** fake wikipedia maker
** fake/prank news maker app

Publisher url: https://vaefbaad3.app-ads-txt.com/app-ads.txt
DeveloperConqr Devs 
Released on28 Jul 2023    

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